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Hey brother it's Amos big brother TC. Good stuff man keep striving. Let me know when your in the silver spring area so we can fellowship.
Mr Chandler it was indeed a pleasure to see you at Fifth Third Bank on Saturday. It was equally as much a delight my brother for me to find you as the Financial Center Manager and that you are interested in doing something in our communities to foster H.O.P.E (Helping Our People Excel) and becoming somebody in life other than a drug dealer, drug addict or gang member reaping havoc death and distruction on their communities. You my friend are a shining example of what we can become if we truly believe in the power of God. I look forward to meeting with you this week until then may God richly bless you and the work that HE has assigned to you. GOD Bless, Rev. Lee
Purchased your album on I-Tunes. I LOVED it! Told my friends about it. Tried to leave review on I-Tunes, but couldn't! Will try again! Congrats cuz, your voice is as smooth as chocolate!!!!! Can't get any better than that! :)
Congrats on your new release Mister Chandler! I hope your touring is going well...
Congratulations and GodSpeed. Praying for great success for you. Tell Gladys I said Hi. Bible Center is praying for you.
um um good!
Oh My Brother, to think that I had anything to do with your inspirational abilities to be the artist speaks more of me than I deserve. Like me our abilities came from GOD. Continue to press on and you will reach the goal the almighty has in store for you!
This CD is a Certified Hit. I can't wait until May 1st to purchase the CD. Well done Mister Chandler.
nice , very very nice
This project is, "Um, Um Good!"

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