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December 1, 2018 (Pittsburgh, PA) Singer-songwriter DeWayne "Mister" Chandler shares new music with the release of “Them Things,” the debut single track from his soon to be released 2nd album in 3 years, Soul Food, to be released by Six13 Entertainment Gospel in March 2019. Chandler’s purpose-driven lyrics and evocative music are his hallmark. “Them things,” is a marvelous and deeply thoughtful song that inspires us to speak to God’s faithfulness, while tapping into a much-needed reminder of Gods constant presence in our life, The song, ‘Them Things,’ is intended to inspire you to keep celebrating all the goodness and mercy that God has placed in your life, in spite of all the things we perceive to be wrong in our lives. Planting a seed of faith for greater works to come.,” explained Mister Chandler. “Life can be filled with many twists, turns, and attacks on your spirit, but I want to encourage you to endure, believing that God has already done and continues to do great things in your life.” The song is expected to have an immediate impact at radio, having been vetted by some of the most influential people in gospel music radio production. “Mister Chandlers ‘Them Things’ picks up right where his previous 2013 release ‘Teach me Lord’ left off with a calling and passion for the love of God. Although Mister Chandler is a relative newcomer to the gospel music scene his music has provided a backdrop of hope for folks seeking the presence of god in their life.  Inspiring music lovers everywhere with the spirit of endurance, strength, and faithfulness. “I want a message in every song, so I always ask God to give me a message to deliver to the people so that this song might help somebody?